Bus Station Space

Art in transit

Luisa’s smile is constant. Her manners are exquisite. And her gaze, between curious and naughty, reveals a passionate love for art. Her favorite color is red. Her chosen painter is Picasso. And her art style, impressionism. In charge of Bus Station Space since 2012, Pita breaks the mold among her colleagues in this profession. The role of the art dealer who transforms a traditional visit to her gallery into a successful and dynamic exhibition regardless of our knowledge of the artist and his work. Her hands are two tireless butterflies willing to reveal hidden nuances or a brilliant stroke, and always ready to let us into her master piece: Bus Station Space.

What is the secret of success?

There is no secret at all. It is all about daily work. I cannot confirm whether this is a continued success, but I can assure you it is an ongoing enthusiasm. Each and every city is a good place for art. What we have to do is to promote, support and believe in these wonderful projects worked and defended by ordinary people. I like it when people come to the gallery and see more than the artwork itself; I get involved, accompany them and guided them through the art experience. Everyone that enters the gallery makes the best possible audience.

The artist: born or made?

The artist is made. I have serious doubts that there is a fairy godmother that puts the brushes or paints on someone’s hand and suddenly creates and captures a wonderful story. I think you can have certain qualities, but you also have to train them and develop them. Art is pure craft, perseverance and work, work, work. Time is what turns an artwork, and an artist, into a recognized genius. What would you say about the high-end art collector: do they love art or are they just looking to make a good deal? The art collector is in love with art. Always. It is a matter of passion. When someone has the opportunity to acquire and, in turn, share the art works within his collection that is passion, not business.

Is it an appropriate time to launch into art collecting?

The time is always right, what happens is that the term “collecting” can lead to misinterpretation. Collecting is associated with a significant amount of money, a serious investment, but to the contrary, the art collector is a person with very little money who decides to start enjoying one artwork after the other. We’ve sold artwork from as little as 50 Euros, for example, the successful engravings of Japanese artist Masafumi Yamamoto or the sculptures of Camilo Seira that were sold from 100 Euros. What I mean is that art collecting starts out of need and love when you buy a piece from a consolidated artist; it does not start when you have a considerable amount of money ready to be invested in art. From very little amounts, you can start you own art collection with the help and advice of your art dealer. It is important that the art dealer or gallery owner respects the wishes and affordability of the novice in art.

Is art in good shape here in Galicia?

Currently, there are artists who have an outstanding track record. It is our professional duty, as gallery owners and art dealers, to believe in this new generation of artists that are either newly graduates from the faculty of Fine Arts, or are already consolidating their career path. All of them deserve a chance to outstand from the crowd. In the next decade we will witness the evolution of these young artists, and our bet on them is crucial. I cannot think of just one name at the moment, but I can tell you that I treat all projects and resumes received at my gallery, very carefully while integrating them into my exhibitions as soon as I see an open window.

Considering Santiago as an art gallery, what is the artwork that inspires you the most?

To me the ultimate artwork in Santiago is the Almáciga Park. I love going there for a walk, finding a little corner of sunshine and enjoy it. I don’t need anything else to be happy.

Winter is the perfect time to get closer to the work of which artist?

At Bus Station Space, we will remember this winter season as the perfect time for the artist Christian Villamide.

A quote from Pablo Picasso to wrap up: “Painting has not been done to decorate an apartment. It is actually an instrument of offensive and defensive war against our enemy.” True or false?

Absolutely true! The artist transmits everything he wants and feels through his work. Everything that is good or positive to society. He is free to play with what he observes. He interprets it and directs it to all kind of audiences. I fully agree with the above mentioned quote of Pablo Picasso, a great master.

"Art is pure craft, perseverance and work, work, work."

"To me the ultimate artwork in Santiago is the Almáciga Park."

"The artist transmits everything he wants and feels through his work."

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