Sabela Arán

I enjoy playing “the villain” better

She crosses an excellent professional moment, backed by the awards and recognition from the public and her colleagues. But her great success, playing Socorrito of “A Esmorga”, and Gloria of “Serramoura” in the TVG, doesn’t take her away the prospect or alter her values and affections. Sabela Arán, brilliant actress with the heart divided between Compostela and Portosín, is called to be great among the great ones. She has a captivating beauty, she never says no to a new professional challenge, to a family reunion or a stroll through the old Compostela.

Is it hard to keep your feet on the ground when success comes?

Actually, this is a job as any other. The rest of the time you has a life as everyone else. I always do the same, with the same people. I have the same routines. Maybe I have not reached the point of success of blinding me. Everything that is happening to me are things that are much prolonged in time: the application for an award does not come from one day to another and the season is recorded in two months so you have much time to think, reflect and consider your life. And when you have so much time to dwell on things and you realize that it is reality, then, there is nothing that separates you from the land.

“When I’m good, I’m very good. When I’m bad I’m even better.” The phrase is from Mae West but, could be from Gloria of “Serramoura”?

Gloria could perfectly fit what Mae said! Although we are now seeing a different Gloria, with more emotions and this can be positive. As an actress, when you do a character who is so different from you, it is more interesting. I like to play “the bad”, but it is a challenge to play “the good one” because till the moment in my career I always find my physical aspect as a problem for doing that. Because of my pronounced features and my serious expression many people think that I don’t have the features that “a good one” must have. When we did “Vilamor”, I had to become milder and this was also a challenge for me. Because sometimes I can be a little abrupt at the speaking time and I can transmit something that it is not. Both directions are chal-lenges but, personally, I enjoy play-ing “the villain” better.

Is it difficult to have privacy with a success as “Serramoura”?

Gloria is a character that remains as it is, is a bit warped, likes to the people. People approach to me with a lot of affection and Gloria is giving to me many satisfactions in that sense. In Madrid, in the time I was in “Puente Viejo”, the manners were more impersonal. Here, at home, people give you a different respect and I try to be natural with everybody. I am eternally grateful to people, because for actors this feedback, this known about what people think, is fundamental. The truth is that I always have a good feedback from the audience.

Probably, her most difficult decision was to choose interpretation instead of more stable professions. “If you need to breathe to live, you need to make an effort to get a job. I think that I am a very persistent person and I have already taken the decision to be actress so I must go on with all the consequences”. So, she was sure about her decision and after her graduation in Audio-visual communication in 2009 by the University of Santiago, Sabela went to Madrid to be trained in interpretation and dubbing. She also took part in different short films and web series that gave her presence up to 2012 when, her interpretation in the film of Ignacio Vilar called “Vilamor”, made her deserving the Mestre Mateo award to the best actress. Since this moment, her face became very popular among audience thanks to awarded series as “Matalobos”, “Gran Hotel”, “Serramoura” and “Códice”; and films like “Blockbuster” or “A Esmorga”. Her job is beautiful but complicated. “Every day there is a part of me that thinks about if I am doing the right –pointed Sabela without doubts– because it’s an unstable profession, without any kind of security at the administrative level and economical without guarantees. You have not a retirement neither an assured career till the 65. For me, to take the decision to be actress, instead of doing other thinks that I also enjoy them so much, that was the most important decision I had. Because after this, all the characters I did till the moment had something interesting. But the profession is weary, as beautiful as weary.”

Which role has brought you more satisfactions till the moment?

Sonia, from “Vilamor”. It was fundamental in a practical sense, because it was the first character I played for the big audience; but I have a special feeling to Socorrito from “A Esmorga”. When I read “A Esmorga” in the High School, the description of this character made me cry and till that moment I had never cried reading a book. She touched me so deep that to put face, mimic and voice to her was a wonderful gift. Be loyal to the Socorrito that everyone knows is a personal success. I feel so proud about the job I did, and you can’t always say that, but in the case of Socorrito I feel so happy about it.

Does Mestre Mateo awards give you more friends or enemies?

Mestre Mateo awards never gives you enemies because they are a way to recognise a job that will be done as well. I am not playing Gloria and thinking into the Mestre Mateo at the same time. Nobody does that. I want to think like that. It’s needed to note that the audio-visual family of Galicia is a family where everyone are friends. You can be more in a group or being more near to other person. But you are always getting involved in a way, emotional or professional, with the people who are going to be awarded with. I lived that with Socorrito, I didn’t have it but I didn’t feel bad because I recognise the work of my colleagues. Before the awards have been delivered, many people congratulated me because of my job. Colleagues, that I didn’t know personally, congratulated me because of the job I did. They are part of the audience as well as colleagues, and their congratulations are fundamental to me.

More than half a century ago, Marilyn Monroe complained that in Hollywood was more important the hairstyle of an actress than her virtue. What about the current overview?

Marilyn was from an age when many things were appreciated before interpretative qualities. In the audiovisual world there is an absolute inequality between men and women. The masculine presence is, in most of the cases, bigger, and the professional life of the actress shorter. In the audiovisual, is not used to write so much to us and we all together must correct it to give space to the stories narrated by a woman mouth. It depends on us as professionals because the audience is going to accept those stories likewise. The question is to value what really matters: the talent. In Galicia, there are multiple characteristics actresses and actors working, and in that sense it is a plus for our audiovisual because it is doing the things right. Sometimes, if you sacrifice a little you will achieve it later but in a more honourable way.

What sacrifices does interpretation imply?

At this job you work since early, as in many others, and I have to spend many hours in high heels, with the clothes that the character needs in that moment. But I have not found anybody who asked me for physical changes. They didn’t ask me about get fat or slim; the most they asked me about was to wash my hair with Lagarto’s soap because it seems to remove its shine. The sacrifice is to hold on.

Who would you like to give life in the future?

I would like to have another gender in an interpretation. To be a man directly. It’s a very hard thing that wake up a big curiosity in me. I also like to do something that implies a physical effort, in line with Hilary Swank in “Million Dollar Baby” or the “G.I. Jane” by Demi Moore.

With what directors would you like to work?

Truly I liked so much the way of work of Kubric but he is dead so it can’t be possible. I am very curious about David Fincher, Coppola, and between others, about Montxo Armendáriz who also has a very special sensibility. And Almodóvar because is a very peculiar guy in direction and giving form to the characters.

Sabela Arán, far from the spotlights, relishes hugely the little big things. She loves to lose herself through the Old Town of Santiago. “With the pass of the time I enjoy even more to drink some wines or beers in the old city with the company I choose and doing anothers things. I really like to be lost through the stones of Compostela.” However, when she looks for relax her favourite place is Portosín: “It is a paradisiacal place. The beach water is not hot, it is no the Caribbean, neither you can do ski but you can drink some wine in the usual bar, say hello to the usual neighbours, and above all, being with the family and near to the sea.” In fact, this town is part of many of her fondest memories: “When I was a child, the elvers were food that were not possible to eat every day and when we ate together, my grandmother Leonor, who was dead around a year ago, invited us (my brothers and me) to eat elvers because she knew we loved it. When I think about my childhood I remember so much this taste because we don’t eat them now and they are part of our past.”

Could you tell us the ingredients to a perfect day?

It could be a day in which you can find a little bit of all. A part of work, because it would make me feel as I am doing what I want, it would make me feel fulfilled as worker. A familiar reunion around a table, because I really value that at my house, with table talk and long conversations. And, at night, being at home resting, watching a film, reading or listening some music… feeling that I accomplish all my vital needs: work, family love, friends, couple, and peace. I am a person that sometimes want to be with many people but sometimes just with myself too.

Have you ever done a crazy thing for love?

Love is the fundamental motor, but till the moment I haven’t had so much, so I haven’t done such an extravagant thing yet. But, I could do anything!

And, finally, What does Sabela Arán dream about?

I have already a wonderful family and health can come or not. So, principally I dream about living from my job. I dream about a stable future, what I understand is something inside everyone else head too. Trying hard to achieve my goal and live from what I like.

"When you have so much time to dwell on things and you realize that it is reality, then, there is nothing that separates you from the land.”

“Love is the fundamental motor, but till the moment I haven’t had so much.”

"Sometimes, if you sacrifice a little you will achieve it later but in a more honourable way."

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