Canned flavor

Since its opening in 2013 in the festivity of Saint John’s day, the Cannery called Catrineta adds value to the excellence of our tinned fish and shellfish giving new impetus to a sector with a long history in Compostela at the same time that pumps new life into the old Recouso shop.

The menu of flavors of Catrineta seems to have no end and although the breeding of the sardine, mussels, zamburiñas and pates of seafood are the specialties most demanded, Catrineta permanently updates their proposals with new elaborations from Galicia and Portugal: spicy, with lemon, cooked, etc.

Cristina and Roberto, the architects of Catrineta, rediscover us the secrets and virtues of the preserved food along with flavors to suit all tastes, times and ages: snacks of breeding of sardine with boiled egg to recover energy in mid-morning or smoked tuna belly to scare away the cold, are two ideas of success; it is also a guaranteed success a dinner for two people that includes one of their champagnes, mackerel, smoked breeding of sardine, pates of seafood and caviar sea urchin. 

Who said that Compostela had no sea?

Ruela de Altamira, 2
981 57 75 44

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